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Handcrafted to meet all your needs

One Solution, one software. Trusted by the best in the medical, tattoo and beauty industries.

  • Data backed up to the cloud

  • Fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant clinic software

  • Available on all major devices and operating systems


Effective financial tracking is key to any clinic, tattoo shop, or salon's success.

Choose Kliniki for seamless financial monitoring and report generation at a single click. Excel with Kliniki - your ideal partner for efficient management


Your practice's Accounting solution


Boost your clinic or salon's success with Kliniki, a robust and adjustable platform that helps attract and keep more patients and customers.

Join the faith of thousands of practitioners

The All-In-One Solution for Streamlining Medical Clinics

Kliniki is an amazing all-in-one system solution for medical clinics that gives you everything you need regarding the patient journey, assessment and treatment plans, in addition to the accounting part along with all the statistics needed to create a better place for continuous and successful results and follow ups

Dr. Kamal Al Kassir at PhysioMove
Dr. Kamal Al Kassir

The User-Friendly App with Exceptional Customer Support

I love the app, it's easy to use and the Kliniki team is always here to help

Mona Tauk at UHeal
Mona Tauk

The platform I was looking for

Law firms are looking for efficient law practice management tools and this software is perfect. It's customizable and user-friendly making it an ideal choice. I feel like I am making a meaningful impact in the legal industry while building a profitable business.

Mark Ramirez at LawPro Solutions
Mark Ramirez
LawPro Solutions

Great software. Would recommend to all doctors

Very easy to use platform. The support is great and available 24/7. Switching to Kliniki helped me save hundreds of dollars and become more efficient in how I manage my clinic and help my patients

Dr. Charlie Jabbour at Clinic Dr. Jabbour
Dr. Charlie Jabbour
Clinic Dr. Jabbour

Powerful features at your service.

Manage every aspect of your practice


Patient management

Experience seamless patient and customer management with our innovative tools

Specific features for your field of work







Handcrafted to maintain your Medical Clinic

Whether you are a physiotherapist or a surgeon, all the tools you need are built into Kliniki

Custom forms assignable to patients or sessions

Exercise dashboard to share videos with your patients

Research tools from the National Library of Medicine

Kliniki For Medical Clinics
Handcrafted to maintain your Medical Clinic

The best tools for the best dentists

All the tools a dentist would need to manage their clinic

Dental chart for your patients

SMS, Email and Whatsapp reminders

Full patient management with custom forms and data points

Kliniki For Dental Clinics
The best tools for the best dentists

Your beauty clinic, managed

Everything you need to provide efficient scheduling for your beauty clinic

Custom branding, colors and logo

10 different calendar views to be able to schedule appointments fast and clearly

Public booking for your customers

Kliniki For Beauty Clinics
Your beauty clinic, managed

Your law practice is taken care of with Kliniki

We take care of everything a lawyer might need for their practice to help you offer he best service possible

Video conferencing

Public forms for your customers to explain their situation and upload files

Documents sharing and signing

Kliniki For Lawyer Practices
Your law practice is taken care of with Kliniki

You train, leave the management to us

Anything a personal trainer needs to manage their business

Session Recurrency

Customers management and online booking

Fully integrated public profile SEO for new customers to find you faster

Kliniki For Personal Trainers
You train, leave the management to us

Focus on your drawing, and leave to rest to us

Whether you run a Tattoo Shop or a Tattoo Removal practice, we provide you with the best tools

Appointment management and online scheduling

Pictures and file uploads for those amazing before and afters

Fully integrated accounting system

Kliniki For Tattoo Shops
Focus on your drawing, and leave to rest to us

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Tone up your clinic's management

We offer a range of services to help you manage your work efficiently

Reduce time spent on admin

Using automation, Kliniki saves clinics an average of 2.5 hours every day - time you could spend building your business.

Gain new customers

We make it easier to capture and retain customers with powerful automated marketing features that work for you 24/7.

Improve patient experience

From online booking to paperless forms, our system allows you to create the perfect patient journey.

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Customer Satisfaction

Online Booking

Custom Forms

Inventory Systems

Veterinary System

Medical Search

Medical Articles

Video Conferencing

Online Payments

Hair Dressers

Dental Clinics

Healthcare Management

Practice Management

Appointment Scheduling

Electronic Health Records

Therapy Clinics

Digital patient records

Legal Services

Client Management

Patient Records

Appointment Reminders

Online Booking System

Financial Tracking

Clinic Solutions

Practice Efficiency

Telehealth Services

Payment Processing

Paperless client records

Analytics Tools

Insights and Reporting

Stock Management

Clinic System

Salon Software

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